Plunder The Pantry

We take pride in our approach to minimising the impact we have on the environment and hate to see things go to waste. It's amazing what our chefs can do with fresh produce from the garden and the contents of the kitchen cupboard at the end of each month. This is a BYO night, it's fun, relaxed and great value.

Dinner, Friday 26th July


Courgette Carpaccio, Mint, Greenhouse Chilli, House Ricotta


Fire Pit Wiltshire Lamb, Clotted Cream Mash, Rainbow Chard, Carrots, Summer Herb Drizzle
Whole Grilled Cornish Plaice, Garden Salad, Caper, Sage & Lovage Butter
Wylye Valley Chicken, Crisp Potato Terrine, Peas, Smoked Broccoli Purée, Pan Juices
Caramelised Beetroot Tart, Blue Vinney, Chalke Valley Watercress, Seeds & Flowers


Kitchen Garden Summer Pudding, Frozen Yoghurt


£25.00 p/p, bring your own wine!

For further information, please drop us a line.


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