Homegrown Eco-Feast

With three acres of growing space here at PKG, we have a natural penchant for serving gorgeous whole fruit and vegetable creations. It is widely believed that eating less meat and dairy is crucial for a healthy planet as well as a healthy lifestyle. These conscience-free plant based and vegan menus showcase the amazing flavours that can be achieved without meat, fish and animal products of any kind.

Dinner, Saturday 8th December


  Hedgerow Shrub Cocktail

Onion Tart, Sage, Pickled Onion, Horseradish (v)
Mushroom Tortellini, Roasted Salsify, Confit Garlic Oil


Chestnut Risotto of Pearl Barley, Fried Sprouts, Wilted Greens, Kale Crisps (v)
Tender Chargrilled Leek, Crispy Potato & Celeriac, Jerusalem Artichoke


Poached Pear, Almond Sorbet, Almond Crumble, Mulled Wine Jelly (v)
Kitchen Garden Chocolate Orange

£37.50 p/p

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